Festa del Estandart

Thursday, March 12, 2009

One King (James I)

His idea (To conquer Catalonia Valencia and Balears)

During the conquest, the port of Palma was invaded, the king James The Conqueror came to invade Mallorca with 155 boats, and he was only twenty one years old. A good way to see how it all happened is to watch the movie Troy. In this movie is very easy to see how a walled city was invaded, and to realize that to pass the wall was very hard. In Palma, like in Troy, the wall was not destroyed, but opened to the enemy as a signal of rendition. After the conquest of Mallorca, in the year 1231 he conquered Menorca, Ibiza in the year 1235 and in Valencia in 1238. He tried also two crusades, but they did not go too well.

City wall of Palma

The Invasion of the city

The Headquarters of the Arabs

This celebration, remembers the conquest of the island in 1229

Finally, the pole with the flag of Mallorca is in the center of the city. Victory!